Thursday, 19 April 2018

Covering a piece of foam to make a gardening kneeling pad.

This was a nice quick make that I had been meaning to do for ages. I had some waterproof tablecloth fabric already in my stash which was left over from when I made myself a wash bag last year.  You also need a piece of foam the size you want and the denser the better. The piece I used was 3 layers already sandwiched together so it is really sturdy and dense.

Then I placed my foam flat on some greaseproof paper and traced around the edge of it with a pencil. I then added a 1.5 cm seam allowance all the way around. Then I cut out my pattern piece. I then measured the distance completely around the edge of the foam and cut out a long strip including 1.5 cm seam allowances top and bottom and at both ends. Because my fabric was only a small piece I had to cut my edging strip in two so I could fit them on the fabric.

I then cut out 2 pieces of fabric for both pattern pieces.

Here are all of my fabric pieces cut out and you can also see what the reverse of the fabric looks like. It is a tightly woven non stretch fabric with a waterproof right side. It was very easy to sew together because all the sewing is done on the wrong side of the fabric.

The first thing I did was join the long strips together right sides together. Then I pinned the long strip all the way around one of the large pieces right sides together. I then sewed all the way around with a 1.5cm seam allowance. Then I did the same for the other large piece but left one short end open so I could add my foam. I then trimmed the seam allowances to reduce bulk and then turned my cover the right side out through the opening. Then all I had left to do was insert my foam and then hand stitch the opening closed.

I am really pleased with my finished gardening kneeling pad and I know it will get a lot of use. The weeds are growing very fast now that it is finally Spring here in the UK.

Thanks for stopping by and until next time.

Yvonne x

Sunday, 1 April 2018

March round-up

Happy Easter to you all as today is the 1st of April and Easter Sunday. For me March seemed to fly by and it's that time again where I share with you some of the things I have been up to. This month I treated myself to a cross-stitch kit and its a   sewing sampler  which I plan on hanging in my sewing room when its finished.

I have not done any cross stitch for over 20 years and my eyesight has deteriorated significantly since then! But I get round this by using this wonderful magnifier which clips onto my table. Also I only work on this for short periods of time and when there is enough natural light. But I have been completely surprised at how addictive and enjoyable working on this cross stitch project has been.  I think a sampler really appealed to me because it is made up of lots of smaller pictures so I can finish one section at a time before moving on to the next. I look forward to sharing my progress with you.

Also this month I was really touched when my Mum gave me this wonderful old tin containing buttons. It used to belong to Mum's mum and my grandmother was a really talented seamstress so it means a lot that it has now been passed on to me. I shall really enjoy choosing buttons to use on future sewing projects.

And finally it was so nice to spot signs of spring in the garden with daffodils appearing and plants starting to grow after what seems like the longest and coldest winter we have had here in the UK for quite a while.

Thanks for stopping by and until next time.

Yvonne x