Thursday, 28 June 2018

Up-cycling from a 2nd hand sewing book and making a birthday gift.

Don't you just love a bit of up-cycling when you turn something old into something new. I was given a 2nd hand book recently as a birthday gift.

And this is the book I received. Although it is a bit creased and crumpled it did still contain the kit to make the bag on the front cover.

As I needed a birthday gift for a family member this week I thought this bag would be perfect.

Everything required to make the bag was included and the pattern pieces were already cut out. Lining wasn't included but I did decide to line the bag. I had some left over polka dot fabric from a pencil skirt  I made a while ago which I thought would go nicely with it. I'm not sure what the polka dot fabric is as I picked it up from a charity shop a few years ago. So this was a good project to use up some fabric scraps.

And here is the finished bag. It is a very simple construction with a loop and button closure. The shoulder strap is adjustable and attached with buttons which I think gives the bag a very vintage look.

The bag took me no time at all to make and it's all ready to be wrapped and gifted. Would I make another one? No is the honest answer as it is not really my style. But for a birthday gift  it is absolutely perfect.

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Yvonne x

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Zigga Zigga Crochet Cardigan

I recently reviewed some style craft boho sock yarn for Minerva Crafts. I made the Zigga Zigga crochet cardigan by Kat Goldin which I am really thrilled with. 

You can read the full blog post  here

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Yvonne x

Friday, 15 June 2018

New Look 6263 summer dresses

Following on from my blog post last month where I talked about my summer sewing plans. This week I have made 2 of the summer dresses I wanted to make for my holiday. I used fabrics from my stash and I really like how different the dresses look by changing the fabric!

The first dress I made was using some lovely turquoise cotton batik fish fabric which I had previously bought from Minerva Crafts.

The navy cotton floral fabric I had purchased last year whilst on holiday in North Yorkshire.

The pattern I used was New Look 6263 and I made version D. This is a pattern I have made several times before and it is the perfect summer dress to wear to keep you cool.

The back of the dress uses 2 buttons to fasten and these were from my stash.

And here are my 2 finished dresses and I am really pleased with how they have turned out.

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Yvonne x

Monday, 4 June 2018

High Force Waterfall

I just wanted to share a spectacular waterfall we visited recently during a week's holiday in Northumberland. This waterfall is called High Force and you can find it at Forest-in-Teesdale, near Barnard Castle.

These are some of the views as you walk through the forest on your way down to the vantage point at the bottom of the fall. We had a glorious hot day when we went and the Rhododendron's were just starting to flower and looked magnificent.

To view the waterfall from the top there was another footpath to follow with even more stunning views.

Walking along the pretty River Tees to join the footpath on the other side of the river to the top of the waterfall.

Crossing the River Tees by footbridge.

The first view of the top of High Force reached from the other side of the River Tees.

This was as close to the top and the edge of the waterfall as I wanted to get!

As the weather was so sunny and hot we carried on walking a bit further up river just enjoying the beautiful scenery.

I highly recommend a visit if you are in the area.

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Yvonne x

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Up-cycling duvet covers into summer dresses

In my blog post last month I talked about my summer sewing plans and how I wanted to make some more dresses and I shared some patterns and fabrics that I'd like to use. I said I was keen to make 2 more versions of the kiomi dress which I made last year from this book

Here is the first kiomi dress that I made last year. The fabric is from an Emma Bridgewater duvet cover that I picked up very cheaply from my local TK Maxx store. I wear this dress a lot when the weather is hot so I was keen to have some more in my wardrobe. 

The first kiomi dress I made was using a vintage 1970's duvet cover! The only change I made to the version I made last year was to lengthen it slightly to just below the knee. I think it looks very retro and I am really pleased with how it turned out. For all versions I added the optional narrow belt and belt loops. As the style of this dress is very loose fitting I prefer to wear mine with the belt tied at the back to provide a bit more shape at the front.

The 2nd kiomi dress I made was using this grey and white fabric which used to be one of my son's duvet covers! This was also originally purchased from my local TK Maxx store and it is lovely quality cotton. Also after lots of washing it feels lovely and soft and drapes well. 

With all the lovely hot weather we have been having in the UK during May I have been wearing all three of these dresses a lot!

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Yvonne x

Saturday, 2 June 2018

May round-up


May is one of my favourite months of the year because everything in the garden is growing like mad. This May has been exceptionally warm with lots of hot sunny days. Earlier in the month I enjoyed a lovely weeks holiday in Northumberland. After a week away I arrived home to lots of new plants flowering in my garden which is always very nice.

A little bit of shopping this month.  I could not resist picking up these New Look patterns in their recent half price sale.  I always like to have a good supply of sewing patterns to choose from for my next sewing project. I can't wait to sew some of these and when I do I will write about them on my blog.

I also picked up this really nice McCalls M6696 shirt dress pattern from my local sewing shop which was also half price. The pattern on the left is a vintage pattern that I picked up from a local charity shop. I think it's from 1974 and I really like the style of dress.  I shall write a blog post when I make it.

I also like to buy vintage fabric and sewing supplies whenever I find something that I particularly like. This week I was drawn to this pretty floral cotton fabric with wild flowers on it.  I have about 3m of it and I am not sure yet what I will be making with it. I have a few a ideas but meanwhile it has been pre-washed so it is all ready to use when inspiration strikes!  I also picked up some buttons which are always useful to have.  I seem to have plenty of assorted odd buttons in my stash but not many garment quantities. I particularly liked these because they have been sewn onto cards which will make finding them very easy.

At the end of May I left the NHS after 11 years of service. I shall be starting a new job next week and working less hours. I'm very excited to have more time to do all the things I love.

Thanks for stopping by and until next time.

Yvonne x