Sunday, 3 June 2018

Up-cycling duvet covers into summer dresses

In my blog post last month I talked about my summer sewing plans and how I wanted to make some more dresses and I shared some patterns and fabrics that I'd like to use. I said I was keen to make 2 more versions of the kiomi dress which I made last year from this book

Here is the first kiomi dress that I made last year. The fabric is from an Emma Bridgewater duvet cover that I picked up very cheaply from my local TK Maxx store. I wear this dress a lot when the weather is hot so I was keen to have some more in my wardrobe. 

The first kiomi dress I made was using a vintage 1970's duvet cover! The only change I made to the version I made last year was to lengthen it slightly to just below the knee. I think it looks very retro and I am really pleased with how it turned out. For all versions I added the optional narrow belt and belt loops. As the style of this dress is very loose fitting I prefer to wear mine with the belt tied at the back to provide a bit more shape at the front.

The 2nd kiomi dress I made was using this grey and white fabric which used to be one of my son's duvet covers! This was also originally purchased from my local TK Maxx store and it is lovely quality cotton. Also after lots of washing it feels lovely and soft and drapes well. 

With all the lovely hot weather we have been having in the UK during May I have been wearing all three of these dresses a lot!

Thanks for stopping by and until next time.

Yvonne x

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